Access Control System

“No admission” signs can seldom stop anyone from entering into your premises. As the very name ‘Access control’ suggests, system can ensure that the movement of people within an organization is permitted only to authorized access card holders. It also helps in maintaining the discipline and decorum of the organization by monitoring the entry and exit of employees and validates entry/exit by doors, time and day of the week. The system ensures entry to only authorize and bonafide personnel and vehicles into premises. Access Control system not only restricts unauthorized entry but also generates detailed reports on time Attendance, eliminating many repetitive and tedious manual operations.

By integrating electronic locks, turnstiles or boom barriers, with a microprocessor based intelligent control panel and alarm; according to the requirement of the customer we at Cable Vision help our customer to achieve control for required application.

We offer you following options in Access control system:

  • Card, Biometric (Fingerprint, Vein Pattern, Facial recognition, Hand geometry, Iris Scanner) based Solution
  • Boom Barriers, Turnstile, Bollards and Electro-mechanical gates solution
  • Vehicle Parking Management Systems
  • Time and Attendance Solution
  • Visitor Management Systems
  • RFID based Asset Tracking System
  • Multi Technology Cards and card Printing Solutions
  • Elevator Access Control